Holiday cottage with a boat in Greece

For all lovers of the sea who are interested in seeing pristine beaches, small islands or fishing in the Pagasetic Gulf. Boating in Pelion can be done with our own private boat. The insured boat is ready for your vacation near Milina next to Mavri Petra beach. Think about a holiday cottage with a boat in Greece.

The Cottage Boat

The Compass 400 GT has a length of 4,07 meter and a beam of 1,80 meter. Officially it allows to take 4 people. The Selva 30 HP is a powerful 4 stroke Yamaha engine, that consumes normal gasoline (unleaded 95) and give a maximum speed of 25 knots.

Boating at the Pagasetic Gulf close to island Alata and Milina. Cottage with boat in Lafkos Pelion. Boating in Greece

The Pagasetic Gulf is considered as calm, safe and small. The sea area is surrounded by the Mount Pelion peninsula, which at its end reaches the mainland within 5 kilometers. The surface is about 175 km² large, maximum depth is 102 meters. The widest point is between Milina and Nea Anxchialos with 35 km distance from coast to coast. Main port is Volos.

Boat on the Pagasetic Gulf. Vacation rental with boat in pellion

Boating in Pelion can be done with our own private boat. It offers fun and excellent performance for coastal tours to the beaches around or for fishing trips or just for cruising and boating in Greece.

Boating at the Pagasetic Gulf in front of island Alata. Vacation home with boat in Lafkos Pelion. Boating in Greece.

The boat does not need a driver’s license, but it is suitable only for experienced pilots over 30.

Honda CX500 in Milina. Vacation home with motorcycle in Lafkos. Motorcycling in Greece. Holidays in Pelion.

In addition we have a motorcycle, 5 bicycles and a car at your disposal.

Car. Toyota Yaris Verso in Lafkos. Vacation home with car in Pelion. Holidays in Greece.

All vehicles are ready for an individual wear and tear fee after consultation.

More about the cottage, the lovely villageeventshikes and other tourist excursions like the Pelion train is reachable searching the web or within our personal guide’s. Everything about arriving or booking is here. We are also glad about a message or your contribution in our guestbook.

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