How to get to Lafkos

Whether you’re coming by car or bus, you’ll find the best way easily. The most common is from the Airports Thessaloniki or Nea Anchialos next to Volos.

Way to Lafkos from abroad

In general, traveling across Europe to Greece by train, car or bus is still sophisticated, as there is for example no cross-border rail service in Greece. It is time-consuming compared to the plane. However, if you have time, you can definitely get to the Pelion by public transport, especially by plane or using the Croatian platform Getbybus or the ships from Italy. The Greek bus network is also excellent and inexpensive. If you choose to come by plane, we recommend Thessaloniki, it’s much closer as Athens.

Travel by car

Arrival by car from port Igouminitsa
via Ioanina, Trikala, Volos (4.5 hours).

Arrival by car from airport Thessaloniki
via Larissa, Volos (3.5 hours).

Arrival by car from airport Athens
via Lamia, Volos (4.5 hours).

Arrival by car from airport Nea Anchialos
via Volos (1.5 hours).

Arrival by car from Volos bus terminal to Lafkos (50 minutes).

Private car
If you are interested in the use of our own insured car, the space miracle Toyota Yaris Verso, please write us a message. The car is ready to use in Volos next to the Bus Station.

After you found your way by car to charming Lafkos, the last 230m way until you reach the house are a bit tight, only 220cm at one point at the beginning. The way is sufficient for the most, even very large cars, but requires some caution and slowness. After unloading luggage or shopping, we recommend parking in one of the nearby parking lots.

Travel by Airplane

Via Thessaloniki (recommended)
Arrival by bus from Airport Thessaloniki (3-8 hours)
Onward travel from Thessaloniki Airport. If you plan to rent a car, do it in Thessaloniki and have in mind, that in the summer it could be very difficult to find one. I recommend due to very good own experience the Greek car rental Avance Car Rental.

1. Travel from airport to the bus terminal. Take a Taxi or the not real slower Bus X1 (50 minutes). The stop is located at the departures area, in front of entrance 3 of Terminal 1. Tickets can be purchased by the driver. The first bus goes at 05.15 am, the last at 21.40 pm. The first bus who returns to the airport goes at 06.10 am and the last at 22.40 pm. You have 2–3 buses each hour in each direction, busplan.

2. Travel from Terminal, busplan to Volos in 2,15 hours. The first bus goes at 08.30 pm, the last at 23.00 pm. The first returns at 05.30 am, the last at 20.15 pm. See more.
>>Please don’t forget to check if the travelling times are still valid and tickets available. See more.

Via Nea Anchialos
Arrival by bus from Airport Volos (2-6 hours)
There are not so many flights and connections. See more.
Get the timetable for the bus, busplan.

Via Athens
via Lamia, Volos (4-6 hours).
Arrival by bus from Airport Athens to Volos (4-8 hours)
The journey by bus from Athens, busplan is the longest and most complicated. I would recommend it only in case of emergency and would better advise a rental car. Recommend Avance Car Rental.

Travel by train or bus and ship

Travel by ship
Travel by train or bus to Ancona, Brindisi or Venice. Continue by ship (Anek/Superfast) to Igoumenitsa. Then to Volos by bus via Ioanina, busplan, Trikala, busplan, Larissa, busplan, Volos, busplan to Lafkos. The Several buses run daily between the cities if the direct connection (for example at 15h Ioannina – Volos) does not work out.

Travel by land
Alternative travel to Vienna or Budapest and go ahead by bus. See more about the buses in that area.
From Vienna in 24 hours, busplan, from Budapest in 19 hours, busplan, from Belgrad in 11 hours, busplan, to Thessaloniki, busplan.

Provider is the excellent Greek Bus company FP Travel (the company speaks very well English, if you try to contact them). Arrived in Thessaloniki, busplan you continue by bus to Volos, busplan in 2,15 hours. See more below.

Arriving in Lafkos by bus
Arrived in Volos Bus Terminal you have to choose Promiri or Milina ( busplan, 4 different times each day). Get off after about an hour in Lafkos. If you are unsure, ask the helpful bus driver for the stop. You leave the bus on the blue sign below following the blue line 300 meter to the green target sign, Route. Better switch the map to satellite mode because of inaccuracy of Google Maps.


I asked my pilot friend, who often flies the route, how many liters the flight consumes between Frankfurt and Thessaloniki. I divided that amount by the number of passengers to get an idea about the fuel in relation with my car. The air pollution was checked by a serious co2 calculator. Airline Aegean. Aircraft: A321neo. Fuel consumption per person 30 liters or less. Co2 emission 0,25 Tons. Travel time: 2.5 hours.)

Aegean Airline

To compare the CO2 emissions of different travel options, I also recommend this passionate text and calculations by Swiss photographer Elias Vetter from 2019.

More about the cottage, the lovely villageeventshikes and other tourist excursions like the Pelion train is reachable searching the web or within our personal guide’s. Everything about arriving or booking is here. We are also glad about a message or your contribution in our guestbook.

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