Motorcycling at the Pelion could be easy. Just use our private cottage motorcycle. Fans of narrow serpentine roads in untouched nature with fantastic panoramic views, will love cruising around in the wonderful fragrant air of the Pelion. The insured and unbreakable Honda CX500, is ready at your disposal. The bike is waiting for company in Argalasti near Lafkos. Rent a motorcycle.

The bike

Beyond all biker nostalgia, the Pelion is a paradise for winding tours with magnificent views. The wide seat of the bike is very comfortable and also very good for two persons. The bike is freshly serviced and in good condition.

Honda CX500 in Melina, Greece. Motorcycling in Pelion. Vacation home with motorcycle in Lafkos. Holidays in Greece.

The CX500 is a mid-size motorcycle of the category Tourer of the Japanese manufacturer Honda with cardan drive offered between 1978 and 1986. The CX series features a crankshaft configuration across the frame of the bike, similar to the Moto Guzzi layout. The model is considered particularly reliable and was built in many versions. However, the heavy motorcycle brings 50 horsepower on the road and is suitable only for experienced pilots over 25.

Boating at the Pagasetic Gulf close to island Alata and Milina. Cottage with boat in Lafkos Pelion. Boating in Greece

In addition we have a 5 bicycles, a car and a boat at your disposal.

Car. Toyota Yaris Verso in Lafkos. Vacation home with car in Pelion. Holidays in Greece.

All the vehicles are ready and waiting for our guests, for an individual wear and tear fee after consultation.

More about the cottage, the lovely villageeventshikes and other tourist excursions like the Pelion train is reachable searching the web or within our personal guide’s. Everything about arriving or booking is here. We are also glad about a message or your contribution in our guestbook.

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